About Me

I first realised my passion to see people healed of their own pain and trauma over thirty years ago. This was after personally receiving counselling and seeing the transformation in myself, and how empowered I was as a result. I did my first counselling course over twenty years ago. My priority then became to raise my three now grown children.

I believe people who face their own pain and things they’re struggling with are some of the bravest people we meet. I trained in person-centred counselling but the bulk of my work has been in pastoral settings using the models of healing in that environment.

On discovering IFS I have settled that this is the model I work with. It’s a deep gentle model that believes you have the capacity within you to heal, which makes it more self empowering. The water lily is symbolic for me as it represents how good things can grow out of the compost of our lives.

My Work

Very often we don’t connect current challenges with events of the past.

Unresolved trauma can often mean we feel unsafe and find it difficult to trust and be in relationships, or generally connected to the world around us, causing us feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness or developing addictive behaviours.

My approach is not to talk about or go over past events but by using the IFS model it is to repair and heal trauma as a result of them. I work from my home in Bath, my non-judgmental respectful approach helps create a safe compassionate space to develop a relationship where you feel completely accepted.

It’s important to know that I do not have a agenda and that you are the expert on you, and you are always fully in control. We are likely to discover together events of the past and how they trigger you today, however, there is no pressure on you to communicate the details of your story. I am here to facilitate your healing journey using the IFS model. So that you can go on to live a confident life full of self compassion.

Time scales vary depending on your needs, we will work out the pace and duration together. Sessions will normally be one hour but we could agree for them to be an hour and a half. We will review regularly to make sure we are on track.

My fees are £60 per hour, I offer an initial meeting together for a discounted price of £30. At our first appointment I will listen to the main issues concerning you. This is a chance for us to explore together whether we would like to work together without any obligation.

I have a therapy agreement which you will be asked to sign. It addresses issues such as data protection and record-keeping, cancellations, illness and confidentiality. This helps us both to be clear about the basis of our working together.

I have an IFS supervisor and a peer group I work with, these two things are important with the IFS model.

About IFS (Internal family systems)

The goal in IFS is the integration of any wounded parts of us. It is a form of psychotherapy which has been shown to be effective in treating things like anxiety, trauma and addictions.

It is hailed by trauma expert Bessel Van der Kolkata (the body keeps the score) as a treatment method all clinicians should know.

IFS is an evidence-based integrative approach. It allows us to understand ourselves from the perspective of each of our parts which allows our true and authentic selves to emerge. It includes multiplicity of personality, attachment theory, mindfulness and a systems perspective. The approach helps you to explore your own inner world and understand your own triggers.

I like the analogy I’ve heard to describe IFS; “a picture of the sun with clouds around it. The clouds are the wounded or defensive protective parts of us, whilst the sun is our true authentic self. As the wounds and defences are healed and integrated, more of the sun can come through.”


Joel aged 25

Jackie created a space where I was able to be honest and open about what was going on with me. Recently Jackie helped me process my anxiety through IFS. This approach really helped me see what was happening internally when I had a panic attack and helped me engage directly with the anxiety. It was a very healing experience.

Jane aged 50

This model allows you to address current issues by understanding who you are and why you do and feel the way you do. It takes you internally without revisiting and reliving past pain and trauma. It gives you permission to be you, but empowers you to live at peace with yourself.

Jackie provides a safe, loving environment as she guides you to understanding and accepting all parts of you with tenderness and compassion. The only homework is to continue to love, accept and nurture yourself.

For me, it gave me permission to be confident and assertive in my choices without looking over my shoulder or staying locked in by the choices of others. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to understand, love and accept themselves.

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